Primepoint, a leading HR and Payroll solutions provider has been delivering exceptional tailored solutions and customer service to its business partners for over two decades. To expand their reach, Primepoint partnered with Nucleus to develop brand messaging as differentiating as the company itself.

Nucleus began with a strategic brand strategy process that included both quantitative and qualitative market research and activation mapping. This process provided valuable insights that drove to the creation of a powerful brand strategy. Nucleus then built a distinctive creative platform for Primepoint, featuring captivating messaging that illustrates how Primepoint stands apart in the industry.

The campaign uses the tagline “Let’s Team Up.” with messaging that positions Primepoint as a trustworthy and driven partner.

The campaign employs a multi-channel media approach that includes a new website and an integrated marketing campaign leveraging social media, digital display, out-of-home, podcast spots and print ads.

While the campaign is in its early stages, it has already gained significant traction in the marketplace with initial performance far surpassing industry benchmarks.